Wet and wild in Windermere

We arrived at our final destination in England on Saturday, and unfortuately the rain finally caught up with us good and proper! I guess we shouldnt complain because weve done pretty well weather… Continue reading

Oh Whats Occurring

Well keep a welcome in the hillside and they certainly did. The Welsh are noble and welcoming race and have simply the best shopping layout in Europe. Aberdeen could learn a few things… Continue reading

Steins and Speedboats

We arrived in Padstow just as the sun came out. Its exactly how you would imagine a small Cornish fishing village, with narrow windy streets and lots of small pubs and food places… Continue reading

Above the Rainforest in Cornwall

Ever since The Eden Project opened in 2001 it’s been on my list of places I’ve wanted to visit. I’ve always found a fascination in the space age looking greenhouse structures, so we… Continue reading

Back to the Future !

When we arrived in Plymouth, you could have been forgiven for thinking you’d just had a ride in a Delorean and travelled back to 1975! Plymouth isnt what we expected. Its a very… Continue reading

To Bath or not To Bath – That is the Question

So we arrived in Bath making our mileage to date hit 580 miles. On check-in they couldnt find either of our surnames for the booking. On checking our reservation number we discovered we… Continue reading

The Oozing Ouse

So we arrived in York on Saturday , and the weather wasn’t great to be honest, however we can’t complain too much because it didn’t actually rain while we were walking around. Our… Continue reading

The Dentist, The Oil and The Horn

When you go on vacation let me recommend that you keep things simple otherwise your opening your life up to chaos. This is what appeared to enter my domain, and ultimately Jason’s, on… Continue reading

Our UK Tour June/July 2012

In our first attempt at blogging we will share some pics and stories from our tour of Great Britain. Scotland, England and Wales, sorry Ireland not this time. Our itinery is York, Bath,… Continue reading

5 Days to Go !

Why is it the days before you go on holiday that you feel least relaxed and potentially on edge before you enter that period of forced relaxation that we call our vacation. Only… Continue reading