Korea : Day 5 to 8

Last Sunday I got a taxi into Ulsan city centre, as the shipyard is about 20mins taxi ride on the outskirts of town. I thought I’d have a wonder around the streets and visit one of the huge parks they had there. I went to Ulsan Grand Park, which end up being a lovely stroll along the paved walkways in the shelter of the trees. The Koreans seem to be very much into their walking, and many were kitted up like you would see hill walkers in Scotland. What is particularly noticeable is the amount of the older generation that are strolling along at some pace. They all seem to wear these over sized sun visors as well.

After stopping for some lunch I headed back to the hotel to catchup on some work. As we pulled up to the hotel I noticed a lot of people dressed up and a wedding car. Turns out that it’s very popular to get married at a hotel, having a service and banquet and traditional present giving. I found out that it’s customary to give money to the newly weds, and depending on the status of your relationship to the couple,depends on how much you give. So if you are the boss or supervisor of a company that they or their parents work for, you would be expected to give more than most !! Funny for me, as I got in to the lift I was followed in by a bride. There was me, pushed as far as I could against the side of the lift, while her, her enormous margarine dress, and two brides maids followed me in. To my surprise they were also getting of at the 3rd floor. The lift doors opened and there was lots of clapping and cameras flashing as they walked out…..shortly followed by me !! I bet they will be wondering who the under dressed ‘guest’ was when they look back at the photo album šŸ˜‰

Monday I was back at work early morning , and as most mornings I had signed in at the main gate. However as I walk through the yard with the sun in my eyes, I noticed what I thought was a new building directly in front of me. Surely they never erected that in a day ! As I put my hand up to shield my eyes from the sun, I could now see clearer and realised it wasn’t a building…..it was a HUGE part of a hull of a ship on a low loader transporter coming towards me at 1 mph. This thing took up the full width of the road which must have been 50-60meters wide, and even then I had to move off the designated walkway so as not to get run over by this mammoth thing going by. I really wish I was allowed to have taken a photo, it was amazing.

Tuesday we had another typhoon run over Japan, which gave us really windy and stormy rain. It had started out such a lovely sunny day! but by mid afternoon looked worse than Scotland on a bad day. I was tired that evening and couldn’t be bothered trying to battle through the wind and rain looking for somewhere to eat, so ordered room service. There was a knock at the door, and as I opened it the guy announced ‘room service sir’. Then before entering the room he removed his shoes and left them in the hall. He laid out the food, and I signed the bill. Then he reversed walked out of the room, but just before he left he did a full-on bow at the waist the left. Wow ! I only ordered a club sandwich !! šŸ˜‰