Checkpoint Charlie and The Chocolate factory

Sunday in Berlin has been very interesting. We had decided to do the City Bus tour today as they are always a good way to find out about the various areas and get your bearings on where things are. Also you can hop on and off depending on how your mood takes you. We went on a tour by the company ‘Stadtrundfahrten’ and picked up the bus just by the Brandenburg Gate. Being early we had the bus completely to ourselves…except that was for our ‘live’ commentary from Sylvia, who was the splitting image of Bette Midler, and good fun. We sat next to her at the front of the top deck, and found it very funny that she still spoke to us via the mic/PA system even though no one else was onboard 😉 Anyway, we picked up a few more German randoms on the way, and spent a very entertaining 2 hours riding the streets of Berlin.

Once we had got off the bus, we headed back to where Checkpoint Charlie was to get a better view. There is only a tourist mockup on the site now, as the original was removed back in 1990, but it was still good to see. Nearby is a famous Berlin chocolate shop called Fassbender Rausch. It was amazing inside….they had huge mockups of buildings and things made from Chocolate ! It was very tempting to lick the side of them….just to check 😉

Finally, tonight we went to Monsieur Vuong which is a fabulous Vietnamese Resturant. Very busy place, but the food was amazing and so fresh. Would totally recommend if you are ever in Berlin.