Genève est fermé

Well….when we arrived in Geneva yesterday it was fabulous ! Very busy and very cosmopolitan. Our wonderful host at Hotel Bristol, Max, helped us get a table at one of the premier Thai restaurants in the city. It was a fabulous evening of spicy food and champagne 😉

However, little did we know that on a Sunday the whole city is literally CLOSED!! Shops,cafes and restaurants seemed to all be closed on a Sunday
! The photo of the street below is one of the main shopping streets at midday on Sunday !! Ghost town ! So we went for a walk around the old city and then a walk over to the United Nations building. We even thought about getting on a random train and visiting somewhere across the border in France. However we worried we might not get back in time….or the station would shut as well 😉

Anyway, after a wee afternoon siesta we headed out for dinner at the Kempinski hotel which was great, and then we sat outside in their bar drinking cocktails 😉

Geneva has been lovely , but we wish it hadn’t been over a Sunday when everywhere is shut !