A nice cuppa at Ernst Blofeld’s hideout

Tuesday we went to visit Ernst Blofeld’s hideout , otherwise known as the Piz Gloria revolving Resturant on top of the Schilthorn mountain above the lovely village of Mürren. The trip up involves two separate cable cars, and luckily for Dave I couldn’t see the second one when we set off. If I had, I might have changed my mind about making the trip. The first cable car was fine, just the usual up and down following the contour of the mountain side. We reached the half way point and swapped over into the next cable car, and that’s when I realised the next stage involved going between two mountain peaks and dangling over a HUGE ravine !!! Too late…..the doors were locked and we were off to the lair !

Luckily it only took about 10 mins to cross, and once there we headed up to the Resturant of a much needed beer. However it was very much a disappointment once there. The place looks very 70’s and probably still with the same decor as its original opening back in the late 60’s. Every table by the windows were taken by what seemed like an international meeting of SAGA, and the 4 tables that were empty had signs on them saying ‘reserved’ …reserved probably for a Chinese tour group like everywhere else you go in Switzerland !

So rather than pay some stupid amount of money for anything up there, we went out onto the open viewing platform, took some snaps, the got the next cable car back down !

30 mins later we were tucking into a lovely lunch in Mürren with a couple of ice cold beers. Perfect afternoon 😉