Drowning in the rain in Glasgow

We arrived in Glasgow on Monday after driving through some of the worst rain storms I think Ive ever driven through, and although it wasnt raining when we arrived at the hotel, by the time we went out into town the heavens opened and there was a torrential down pour. Even with the umbrella we still had to take shelter in a shop doorway. After 10mins and no let up we made a dash to the nearest wine bar to sit out the storm.

That evening we decided to go for a curry, seeing as Glasgow is the curry capital of Scotland.  So we booked a table at Mother India in Kelvingrove. To say it was a bit of a strange experience is an under statement! When we arrived we almost had to convince the guy we DID have a booking before he let us in.and then after some quick exchange of words between him and another older guy we were asked to follow him upstairs. The old guy shuffled up the stairs one at a time very slowly, and we looked at each other trying not to laugh whilst following lurch up and up. Eventually we arrived in a Dickensian looking room and shown to a table for two by the window. We ordered our starters, main courses and a side of raita ( just in case the food needed cooling down), then eagerly awaited them to be prepared. A few minutes after ordering, a waiter came over and said theres your raita , and promptly left. What was we meant to do with a pot of raita? We had no food yet, and didnt until about 15mins later. Also, there was no real interaction from the waiters..they just bought the food over, placed it on the table and then walked away againno enjoy your food , or even coming back to check every thing was ok.

There was nothing to complain about, the food we had was tasty and we both enjoyed it, but as an overall experience it was just a bit odd!