Wet and wild in Windermere

We arrived at our final destination in England on Saturday, and unfortuately the rain finally caught up with us good and proper! I guess we shouldnt complain because weve done pretty well weather wise so far. This is the first time either of us has been to the Lake District, and we werent disappointed (even though the sun wasnt around )

Our hotel was situated right on the lake side at Bowness-on-Windermere, and we even had a lake view from our room. By late afternoon the sun had managed so squeeze through the clouds, so we hired a powered boat for an hour and went messing around on the water. It was great fun taking it in turns to skipper the boat and avoid the larger cruise boats that were sailing up and down the lake.

The following day was just as gloomy and raining, so not to let it get the better of us we jumped on one of the early cruises up to Ambleside at the north end of Windermere. It took just over an hour for the round trip back to Bowness. We then headed off in the car over to Coniston water.

Coniston water was where the famous Donald Cambell died trying to beat his world record in the Bluebird K7 boat. There was a small museum there displaying some of the wreckage, and it was interesting to read up about some of his life and his family relationship with speed records.

The day was finished of by a quick dip in the pool and the steam room before heading out for a fabulous meal at the Angel Inn. They did the most heavenly chocolate brownie ..just didnt want it to end 😉