Oh Whats Occurring

Well keep a welcome in the hillside and they certainly did. The Welsh are noble and welcoming race and have simply the best shopping layout in Europe. Aberdeen could learn a few things from them. Cardiff is definitely a city of several personalities and a real racial melting pot. On the highlights of Cardiff we did shopping ( some great sales in, and Im convinced its cheaper than Aberdeen). We also did some culture and took in Cardiff Castle which was pretty good for a city centre historical attraction, as well as the Cardiff Bay and walked everywhere which helped top up my tan.  I visited the the  hotel with work in 2004, http://www.thestdavidshotel.com/, but then it was owned by De Vere and was outstanding, but is now under new ownership and has lets itself go, still ok for the price but a little tired and too much chemicals in the spa. We both poshed it up and had a spa treatment, I feel asleep 3 time but Jason was bored to death by a therapist who wouldnt shut up about her plan to row round the UK and do something with her life. Fortunately my therapist was on the receiving end of my snoring. All in all Wales can do no wrong as it brought us Dr Who and Torchwood, any country that produces one of these would get my vote. Two nights was more than enough to allow us to top up on some southern sun before heading up to the Lakes and water world.