To Bath or not To Bath – That is the Question

So we arrived in Bath making our mileage to date hit 580 miles. On check-in they couldnt find either of our surnames for the booking. On checking our reservation number we discovered we were two months late. Some silly banana had booked 2 nights from April the 24th not June the 24th. This forced us to check our other 4 hotel reservations which were all in order. I guess we will never know the culprit for this error. Neither of us really do detail. Not to worry we got the same rate and a fab room. I can highly recommend the MACDONALD Bath Spa hotel.

So, Sunday night took us to yet another fab Italian restaurant, far superior to the one in York called Sotto Sotto. Very nice and somewhat comical in that England were playing Italy in the Euro quarter finals. Needless to say I sided with the Italians, which got us some extra Limoncielo (aka battery acid), and Jason very politely asked what the score was until we ended up with the waiters huddled around a laptop watching the final destruction of England. Despite that the meal was outstanding in a lovely well lit cellar.

On the Monday we ventured into town to do the whole tourist thing. Visiting the Roman Baths then actually taking the waters at the next door Thermae Spa, again a must if your coming to Bath, followed by a little exploring and of course shopping. The sun shone and my skin fried so it actually feel like Im on a proper holiday now Ive done my fair Scottish skin some good old fashioned radiation damage.