The Dentist, The Oil and The Horn

When you go on vacation let me recommend that you keep things simple otherwise your opening your life up to chaos. This is what appeared to enter my domain, and ultimately Jason’s, on the first day of our trip. Firstly I had the dentist, to get some work done in preparation for the grand unveiling of the new implants in August. Not too much fuss, but then met up with Jas with some impression material still on my top lip. Not a pretty site.

So, that leads us to the oil. When undertaking a long journey by car always check your oil. I did this the night before and this resulted in a new learning for Dave. It appears its possible to overfill your oil. Even more interestingly in doing so you can blow your engine up. As a result we paid a quick visit to have some oil drained at a local garage from the trusty Land Rover before embarking on our intrepid venture. The garage must have felt some pity for my total stupidity that they did the work for free.

The Horn. Its a institution placed just outside Perth and requires a stop to ease the hungers pangs on the long journey south. It had not changed one bit since my childhood although I think my constitution and gall bladder has. Who though something as simple as a milky coffee and a sausage bun can bring a 47 year old chap to his knees with stomach cramps followed by several long visit to the royal throne room in our hotel room in York.

Apart from these 3 minor setbacks the drive down was superb. Traveling through Jedburgh, with signs to Jed Water and Jed Hill made us think that at any moment Jedward would jump out on us. All in all a very nice route to York with a quick view of the Angel of the North and a couple of well positioned comedy photos at the border of our fine land.