Weekend in Islay

So last weekend was our long await trip to Islay on the West coast of Scotland with a group of our friends. Islay is only the second Scottish island I’ve visited in my 20 years living in Scotland, the first being Skye some years back. However this trip to Islay has sparked something in me to want to now explore some of the other western isles. I know the fantastic weather we had last weekend probably had a lot to do with the impression I got, but even on a dull cloudy day I’m sure some of those views would still be as stunning and breathtaking in a different way.

The long weekend started with an overnight stay on the mainland at Inverary, a lovely village nestled on the edge of a sea loch. We sat outside in the sun in the hotel beer garden nursing a pint and overlooking the local church which was hosting a wedding. Over the next hour or two the other friends arrived and joined us, and then later on we headed up to the castle to watch the end of a shinty game that was going on. That game looks so dangerous !!

Once we arrived on Islay by ferry the next day, we headed around to Port Charlotte where we stayed at the wonderful Port Charlotte Hotel http://www.portcharlottehotel.co.uk/ . So we basically based ourselves here for a couple of nights and went out visiting various places and distilleries. The island is small enough that nothing was really very far to get to…most journeys  in the car were only 30mins or so.

We now need an excuse to go back next year 😉 !!